Friday, February 6, 2015

Anastasia Brow Products

Today I am sharing a quick video on an eyebrow product by Anastasia called Dipbrow Pomade. I went to Sephora searching for an alternate option to my brow pencil and this is what I found. This product is great for anyone who wants to define their brows.  It is waterproof and smudge-free! 



  1. I have been looking for a new brow product! Thanks Traci for a great review!!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Happy to link up! Have a great weekend & don't workout too hard :)

  3. Good brows are so important! I couldn't believe the difference it made when I started taking better care of my wild brows! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with FUN FASHION FRIDAY!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. You are right, Dawn! Happy to link up!