Friday, January 22, 2016

A Jeans & T-shirt Kind Of Day

I love to look at all the beautiful clothes that I see on blogs like Gal Meets Glam or Pink Peonies.  I always wonder how those girls pull off those outfits in real life.  Their hair is perfect, their makeup on point, and they always manage to have a lovely closed-mouth smile that is both captivating and mysterious.  I like to fantasize about sweet little outfits like those girls wear, but usually I'm just happy when I find a great t-shirt and a comfy (and stylish) pair of jeans.  After all, my days are spent as a waitress, a chauffeur, a laundress and an animal wrangler.  I love my little monsters, but there are many days where I feel like if someone splashes me with water from the tub, tracks mud into the house, asks for more food (usually about 5 minutes after I've cleaned the kitchen), or even says "Mommy" one more time, I might scream.  

That being said, I do get to do some pretty fun things like the 30A Songwriters Festival that we went to this past weekend.  Lucky for me, blue jeans and t-shirts were the perfect attire, and I loved the chance to add a little something extra to create this simple look.  

As Traci and I have mentioned before, we've become big fans of AEO jeans (herehere).  The quality and fit is bit as good (if not better) than a designer pair, and you can't beat the price.  I paired it with my new Wilt t-shirt, which I picked up on a day-trip to Mobile, Alabama.

I got the stretchy bead bracelet from my mom for Christmas, and I it has already become one of my go-to accessories.  It's from a local shop, Susan Campbell Jewelry, and it is their own label.  The thin leather bracelet is something from a little shop in the mountains of North Carolina, and I have to admit that I don't know anything about it.  Last, but not least, the studded bracelet is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

If you know me at all, you know that this is one of my favorite necklaces.  I wear it all the time!  Traci says that I have a thing for skulls, but I swear I don't.  In fact, in most cases, I think they are really cheesy.  This Pamela Love necklace is an exception.

Finally, I added a light-weight infinity scarf and a cross-body bag to complete the look.  It might not be runway-worthy, but for now, it fits my life.

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  1. Very pretty outfit for a casual look. I'm all about jeans and comfort. The accessories are a nice touch.

  2. I'm totally with you - a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that just fit right make me so happy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Fabulous outfit, lady! LOVE the shirt and accessories!