Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Martinis & Music

A glass of pink champagne at the martini party
For years Scott's favorite night of the year was in between Christmas and New Year's when he would host his annual martini party.  It was a the-more-the-merrier kind of event, and it was kind of legendary.  There were no invitations, so he never knew who would show up, and he loved that about it.  I even went a few times before we really knew each and long before we started dating!  For many reasons (not including the "boring" wife) and much to Scott's dismay, we no longer have the martini party.  So you can imagine his excitement when his best friend, Louis, suggested they revive the martini party.  It was a scaled-down version, but it provided a pre-party before we went to listen to a favorite local band, DLP (Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians).

We met up at The Fish House in the Bait Shop for heavy hors d'oeurves and, of course, martinis with friends who were in town from Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Nashville, to name a few places.  The Bait Shop is a great place to have a small, private gathering.  The room is just the right size, but you have all the benefits of being at The Fish House.  We enjoyed bruschetta, sushi rolls, steamed shrimp and a delicious charcuterie plate along with appletinis, chocolate martinis and good, old-fashioned dirty martinis.

By the time we got to Seville Quarter, the band was rocking, and we all had a great time listening to the music and dancing with friends!

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