Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Perfect Pig

While in Seaside last week, Emily and I were able to sneak away for lunch one day.  There was not much of a debate. We were off to The Perfect Pig in Seagrove Beach.  In my opinion, a meal at this cafe is a must for anyone who visits the area.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.  We arrived a little early for lunch and were seated immediately.  The atmosphere is very charming. The Perfect Pig website describes it as "The South of France meets the Deep South."  There is a beautiful marble-top bar down one side of the cafe and tables of various sizes inside and out.  By the time we left, the bar seats were taken and the tables were occupied.

Every single thing on the menu sounded delicious but I settled on the butter croissant with ham, gruyere and cranberry chutney.  Emily chose "The Perfect Ham and Cheese."  It is served on a Hawaiian bun with an herb spread and onions and gruyere melted over the top. She declared it "perfect" and worthy of its name.  We also ordered a side of the bleu cheese cole slaw, a great twist on a traditional favorite.

I am drooling just thinking about this place.  Unfortunately, it is an hour and a half away from home.  For now, I will just daydream about eating there on my next visit to 30A.