Friday, July 17, 2015

Blue Angels Boat Day

Pensacola is fortunate to be the home of the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron known as the Blue Angels.  They practice right by my house every week, and I get to see them flying over Pensacola Bay doing their death defying moves in preparation for their air shows.  It's pretty spectacular, but to be honest, my favorite moment is on Sunday afternoons when they return home from whatever city they've been to that weekend.  They fly in one at a time, usually as the sun is low in the sky, to land at NAS Pensacola.  I love to stand in my back yard and watch them come home.

We feel pretty possessive of the Blue Angels here in Pensacola.  This is their home, and we think they're "ours." They perform their Homecoming show on NAS Pensacola every November to close their season, but perhaps the even bigger event is the Blue Angles air show on Pensacola Beach in July.  After almost a week-long frenzy of practice shows, the main event was last Saturday at 2:00.  By 7:30 in the morning both bridges were backed up with cars trying to get out to the beach, and those of us lucky enough to be going by boat were packing the snacks and loading up the coolers.  To get a prime spot, you have to get there early.  Boats pile in all around Pensacola Beach, but the prime spot for many (us included) is a small body of water called Sabine.  It has a deep channel around the edge with knee-deep water in the middle, which makes it the perfect spot.  Everyone floats around all day enjoying the water, the company, the booze and, of course, the Blues.   It's one of the biggest parties of the year, and I love it!

Click this link for a fun video of a Blue Angels Fly By!

Fat Albert kicks off the show (piloted by the first female Blue Angel pilot, Katie Higgins)

Four in formation

Looking lovely (ha ha) with my sisters-in-law

Boats as far as the eye can see
Thanks to Mitchell McMillan for the great photos!

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  1. I was totally obsessed when the Blue Angles would visit Colorado in my childhood. (I'm actually tearing-up rememebr it!) How amazing to know they're 'yours'... another reason to love Florida I suppose!
    Thank you for sharing! Love the photos!
    Heather Wyancko

    1. I love it that you love the Blue Angels! They are so special! Cheers, E

  2. Great post Visiting from Welcome to the Weekend.

  3. Lovely pictures, makes me want to go on a boat :)

    Thanks for stopping by the weekend blog hop..

    1. There is nothing like a day on the boat! We're lucky to get to do it so often. Cheers, E