Wednesday, July 29, 2015

OOTD: Old Gold and Black Bathing Suit

Maybe it is just in the South where football is its own season, but have you ever noticed how people often drive a car with a color similar to their favorite college team?  I can name tons of people I know whose cars coordinate with their school.  It is probably weird that I notice these things (Scott thinks so), but take a look around.  I truly think there something to the gravitational pull of our schools' colors.  If so, it makes sense that being a Wake Forest grad, I would opt for an Old Gold and Black (those are our colors) bathing suit.

All season I've been trying to find a rash guard that I liked, and I finally settled on this black sleeveless one from J. Crew, which I paired with gold bottoms.  I was a little nervous because the bottoms were a final sale item, so I was stuck with them no matter what.  Good news is, they fit, and I really like them.  I'm still in search of a long-sleeved rash guard, but for the time being, I'm pleased with this one.  Honestly, it's so nice not worry about getting too much sun on my back.  As for the color combo, maybe I'm just ready for football season (only 37 days!!!), but I love it!

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