Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our New Addition

Just last month we finished adding a master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and study to our house.  When we bought the house almost three years ago, there were only three bedrooms upstairs.  From the beginning, adding a bedroom was part of the plan.  We went back and forth for months about where to add this room finally putting it in the back corner of the house not very visible from the front.  I was initially drawn to the house because of the curb appeal and have been very careful not to do anything that might take away from it.

Emily and I do not talk design or decorating on the blog mostly because we both feel we can put together an outfit but not a room!  That aside, I wanted to share some pictures of our new space.  It is far from finished from a decorating standpoint but the construction is a wrap.  

Many thanks to my dear friend and uber talented designer, Lacy Phillips of Lacy Phillips Designs.
I cannot do anything home related without her!


  1. I love everything about the new addition. The tub is amazing and I really want TWO sinks for our master bath.

    1. Thank you! I love the tub (so do my kids)! We only had one sink in our last two house so I totally get it. Have a great day. Traci

  2. Love the new addition. The neutral colors are my favorite in the floor in shower tiles. And of course I love the new countertops!! xoxo

  3. oh wow! your bathroom looks amazing!!! you remind me of writing my interior posts again!!!

    Vicky // The Golden Bun