Friday, September 5, 2014

Cigar City at Seville Quarter

Last night I left two cranky boys and a somewhat-nuclear two-year old to attend the beer dinner at Seville Quarter.  The boys had gotten into trouble for going over to the neighbor's house even though they had been told not to leave the yard, and the two year old was upset over the homemade beef stew she was being "forced" to eat for dinner.  But my cares went away as I closed the door to enjoy this rare Thursday evening out. 

This weekend is the Emerald Coast Beer Fest, and last night a select crowd kicked things off with a beer dinner that paired beers from Cigar City Brewing with culinary creations from chef Brandon Melton at Seville Quarter.  The atmosphere was lively, the food was delicious and the beers were outstanding.  Wayne Wambles, who is a rock star in the craft beer world, gave us interesting tidbits about each selection along with a little history of Cigar City.

Now I'm off to Beer Fest to meet up with some friends, sample some interesting beers and throw caution to the wind!  Cheers!

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