Friday, September 12, 2014

Miranda Lambert in Concert

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Tonight my mom and I went to the Miranda Lambert concert at the Pensacola Bay Center.  I gave her the tickets for her birthday back in July, with the caveat that I got to be her date.  We started the evening with my dad at Carmen's Lunch Bar where the food is always spot-on.  Then it was on to the show!

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Ten years ago I was a graduate student living in Nashville,  and every morning I listened to Gerry House and the House Foundation on the radio.  His humor was beyond compare, and he was a legend in his own right in Music City.  Around that time a new girl signer came onto the scene with a song called "Me and Charlie Talkin'."  I paid attention, and by the time she released her second single, "Kerosene," I was a devoted fan.

Miranda Lambert had been a contestant on the TV show Nashville Star, and the rumor among those of us on the fringe of the music business what that she was so good Epic Records pulled her from the show because they did not want to loose her to another label should she have won.  Whether or not there was any truth to that, I dont' know, but I do know she was that good.  She still is!

Tonight she came out on stage a seasoned performer and a consummate entertainer.  The music was loud, the lights were bright and the energy was palpable.  Miranda Lambert did not disappoint!

Set List - Pensacola 2014
Fastest Girl in Town
Heart Like Mine
Baggage Claim
Over You
All Kinds of Kinds
Me and Charlie Talkin
Old Sh!t
Famous In a Small Town
Mama's Broken Heart
Smokin' and Drinkin'
The House That Built Me
Little Red Wagon
White Liar
Gunpowder and Lead

Misery and Gin
Gimme All Your Lovin'

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