Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boys Clothing

Boys.  Around 4 years old, they start to outgrow the sweet little john johns and shortalls.  It is hard to transition but you need something that is not too baby and not too grown up.  I still remember the day when I was shopping for Christmas outfits and the store owner broke it to me "he's too tall for one piece outfits". WHAT??? I recovered and one of my favorite images of my son is age 4 in cords, a puffy vest, and a red North Face beanie.  

Recently, a good friend of mine asked my opinion on where to spend and where to save when is comes to her six year old's wardrobe.  It is hard because they grow so fast and there is nothing worse than buying a nice pair of shoes that get worn only a handful of times.  

Button down shirts are a good investment because you can size up and usually get at least two years out of them.  When they are almost too small, just roll up the sleeves and wear untucked for a more casual look.  Crewcuts pants are a great fit.  The lightweight khakis that you see below are great for dressier occasions.  They do not have the bulk that regular khakis have which gives them a neater look.  The Gap makes great jackets for boys at a really reasonable price.  I also think it is really important for them to have good running shoes that fit properly. 

I put together a few looks from some of my favorite places.  My son wears a lot of these items and finds them all very comfortable.  Don't get me wrong, he definitely spends a good bit of time in athletic shorts and tshirts. Enjoy!

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