Thursday, January 8, 2015

Retail Therapy Revisited

In my younger days, I often planned out what I wanted to buy at the beginning of every season.  I would scour websites and shops putting together a list of must-haves, and then check them off one by one.  I clearly had too much time on my hands!  Now my shopping list consists more of needs than wants, and I'm no longer afraid to wait for something to go on sale.  In fact three kids later (moms, you know what that does to your bank roll), I actually get more satisfaction out of waiting and getting an item on sale than the instant gratification of which I used to subscribe.  Yes, I sometimes miss a coveted piece, and yes, I do pay full price occasionally.   But overall, I try to be more thrifty when putting together my wardrobe.

This brings me to today's look!  Back in October, I came up with a product board of an outfit I really liked.  I had some similar pieces in my closet already, and I was given a TSE SAY black bomber jacket for Christmas.  So after the holidays, I hit the sales to pull the rest of it together.  For me, the key piece was the Waverly Grey top. Any skinny black pants, moto boots, and bomber-style jacket would work, but the top really made the outfit unique.  What do you think?

October Product Board

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  1. Love the look you created!!! I have to say that top is gorgeous!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You looks wonder when you are smiling. You are lucky, Kunal - First Tricks