Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Necklaces: Pendants, chains, beads & stones

I love necklaces.  Who doesn't?  Did you know that necklaces have been around since ancient civilizations and pre-date the invention of writing?  Cavemen made necklaces out of natural materials.  After the Bronze Age, people began to melt metal and cast it into shapes.  Modern times have produced better ways to melt metals, electroplating, and lasers.

History aside, I love collecting jewelry and my most favorite pieces have a special story or some significance to me other than just being beautiful. Emily and I spent some time today going through our necklaces and photographing them on a dress form at her house.  I love mixing and layering chains and pendants.  One of my favorite necklaces came as a part of an Alice & Olivia tank top.  Don't be afraid to mix and layer your pieces (old & new) to create a more personal look.

Alice & Olivia multi strand necklace & diamond cross

Large pendant: from Sarah's
Chain: Max Mara 

Cluster of stones: Alexis Bittar
Skull: Pamela Love
2: Lulu Frost The Plaza Collection

Short chain with pendants: Giles & Brother
Multi strand necklace: Taken from a Vince top

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  1. I love the pendant from Sarah's, as well as the necklace featured in the last photo (not the pears and small chain). Happy Wednesday, Traci :)

  2. Me too! Thanks for stopping by. The pendant from Sarah's is gorgeous. It is Emily's.

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