Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tassel Top

I am sure that it is pretty clear by now that I am obsessed with white.  Meet the Figue Ludivine top.  I love the fringe and embroidery at the bib.  It is a closer fit than the perfect beach top which distinguishes it from the top in Monday's post.  I love it with these Current Elliott boyfriend shorts but the possibilities are endless.  Now let's discuss the Clare V. Julie bag.  How cute is it?  I love cross body bags because they allow me to be hands free which is key with little ones darting around or even better to hold a fun summer cocktail.  Local ladies, you can find shop for all of these items at Fig!


  1. Cute top! Loving the bag too!

    1. Thank you Darcy! And thanks so much for stopping by our blog! We appreciate it. Have a great day!