Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WMTH Travels: Happy in Highlands

The kids and I had a wonderful weekend visiting with friends in Highlands.  My dear friend Stephanie and her family moved to Charlotte five years ago so we do not get to see each other often.  Last fall, she had the wonderful idea of sending our girls to camp together in North Carolina.  Her parents recently finished building a beautiful house in Highlands so we were all able to stay there and spend some quality time together before dropping the girls at camp on Sunday.  The weather was beautiful and it was much needed break from the oppressive Florida heat.  Thanks to Stephanie's mother and husband for watching all nine kids while we spent Saturday at the Spa at Old Edward's (more on that later in the week).

Sweet girls that have been friends since before they could walk. It is hard to believe that they will all turn 10 this fall. 
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset but encountered a Timber Rattlesnake just as we started back on the trail.
It was the loudest rattle I have ever heard and our screams were even louder!

I love Steph's plaid button down and distressed jeans. We have very similar taste :)


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